Beijing Suzhou Street(Suzhou jie)

Beijing Suzhou Street(Suzhou jie)

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Your trip to Beijing is never complete without tasting the food from Suzhou Street.A whole street full of life and food.Do check it out either for dinner, lunch or for a very early breakfast.

If you find your in Beijing and never been to any food street then, suzhou street in Beijing is the best place to have your lunch or dinner.

Suzhou Jie in Beijing

There are plenty of food stalls offering both cheap and expensive and delicious local food. most from China’s Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and so on

Some famous Resturants on Suzhou Street

Jinbaiwan: Best place for Sichuan cuisine. They operate between 10:30-10:30pm

Location: New the Haidian Book City


Meilu Village: Open between the hours of 11 am -10pm, they purposely serve Jiangxi cuisine

Location: Opposite Digital China Building


Paradise Island: They offer dishes cooked from an organic produce which are healthy, nutritious and extremely tasty. Operating hour, from 10:00am-1:00am

Location: 200 m west of Suzhou Qiao


Weilan Western Restaurant: For a special evening take your love ones to Weilan restaurant to taste one of their western style dishes.

Location: No.15 Wanguanhe Lu, Suzhou Qiao


Where to Eat in Beijing,for example Beijing Duck Roast, Hotpot, Spicy foods, Local Snacks, Muslim food and Western foods.

  • Niu Jie or Bejing Ox Street
  • Gui jie or Ghost Street
  • Quanjude (全聚德)
  • Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant (便宜坊)
  • Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (大董烤鸭)
  • Dong Lai Shun Restaurant
  • Longshunyuan Spicy Pot (Spicy Heaven)
  • Longfusi Snack street
  • Donghuamen Night Snack Street
  • Grandma’s Kitchen

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